#1 Ten questions about this blog

One of my favorite blogs!

Ask Good Questions

Legend has it that when asked for advice about becoming a successful singer, Frank Sinatra replied: Sing good songs. My advice for becoming an effective teacher of statistics is similarly succinct: Ask good questions.

In this blog I will present ideas for teaching statistics, based on this three-word teaching philosophy: ask good questions. Let me pose and answer ten “w” questions about this blog:

  1. Who is the audience?  I am writing this for teachers of statistics, particularly introductory statistics, at all levels.  I hope to present ideas that will be relevant and helpful to high school teachers and two- and four-year college teachers of statistics.  I especially hope that relatively new teachers, and those whose primary training was not in statistics, will find this blog to be beneficial.
  2. What is the content?  This blog will provide ideas for teaching statistics, especially introductory statistics.  Most of the posts will describe…

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